How To Use the Caryfy App

Create an account

All you need is an email address and phone number that is registered with your employer. To download the app, go to the App Store or Google Play. You can also select other languages for app, if English is not your preferred language.

View Your Calendar

Open the app and you will see all shifts scheduled for you. If you work for multiple providers, you can use the same app to view shifts by other provides with same app login credentials.

Access Documents, Messages and Reminders

You can view all important documents in your app and exchange messages with all service providers using the same app.

View And apply for Open Shifts

You get notified when service providers are looking to fill a shift. Review the distance of the shift from your place and other relevant details like client’s allergies, pets etc before your apply.

Click and Relax

You can record everything for each shift including timesheets data with EVV compliance, Covid 19 questionnaire and other client observations in a very easy to use app.

Record your preferences and rate your shifts

Record your unavailability and desired working hours to get the shifts you want. Aslo rate each shift so your employer is available of any hardships you have encountered.

Caryfy App For Caregivers And Clients