As the global effect of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, Caryfy is firmly committed to serving our customers and also communities they serve.

It is imperative to have the right information available in real time, for both prevention and management of potential health situations. We’ve added several new features to benefit our customers and for ensuring continuous care of our seniors.

Train your staff on Coronavirus and view compliance with this training

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All your caregivers have video based trainings available on COVID-19 and can take a quiz upon completing the video views.

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You can view status of COVID-19 training in your dashboard in

Empower your staff to record symptoms for initial screening

A caregiver can record these indicators (as needed) for
individual client in a single client shift for homecare agency or
in facility shift (for communities) in Caryfy app.

covid19 tracker

Get alerted in real time if a patient receiving home care or in a
community setting is exhibiting symptoms

COVID-19 assessments may be needed

Get real time alerts for clients who may be at the risk of COVID 19 to initiate due diligence at your level. Remember, care providers who suspect COVID-19 infection in a client should report them immediately to relevant medical authorities.
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During these uncertain times, Caryfy is offering extra benefits to its customers
to deal with the global pandemic of COVID 19, with a 3-pronged strategy.


Training employees

Your employees have access to training material designed and endorsed by world’s leading health organizations in their app. You will be able to visualize their individual progress and keep records.


Screening for COVID 19

Before beginning each shift, care workers record if they are free of any symptoms and also their clients are free of symptoms. In case, there is any symptom, an alert is triggered in real time for shift supervisors.


Assessing business impact

Caryfy has customized reports showing impact of COVID19 on various parts of business operations.