Elements of Lean Senior Care

Lean Senior care must have 4 key elements.

  1. User Oriented Automation Lean Senior Care is connected to end-user needs. All user data is processed in real time to determine requirements for subsequent processes.
  2. Collaborative Information is shared across all partners in senior care. The partner network is enabled through shared information from care administrators to care providers and care recipients, ensuring that everyone is seeing the same set of data. This eliminates or reduces  the operational costs of paper based reporting.
  3. Process Integration Lean thinking for senior care businesses helps in building seamless interconnectivity among all partners, both downstream (toward caregivers, clients and their family members) and upstream (toward case managers and payers). This includes the capability to create almost seamless connections with no delays, through handoffs among the various entities with paperless transactions.
  4. Leverages Network Lean Senior Care has the flexibility of using strengths of subject matter experts or specialists on demand so that senior care business owners can cope up with any business requirements.