Lean Senior Care

Grow your senior care business and improve staff productivity With Lean thinking and tools.
With its business process automation and artificial intelligence, Caryfy helps you improve performance across all business areas in senior care though principles of lean thinking.

Lean is a set of operating philosophies and methods that help create a maximum value for customers by reducing waste. The approach was originally derived from the Toyota car company production line system. Lean utilises a continuous learning cycle that is driven by the ‘true’ experts in the processes of seniorcare, being the patients/families, senior care providers and support staff.

Lean Senior Care is a technology based methodology for empowering senior care businesses to shorten care delivery cycles and discover in real time if delivered care is meeting desired value for each partner in the senior care network. This is achieved by the combination of process adoption and easily accessible technology tools for all stakeholders.

Senior care processes are all about flow. Caryfy has taken on the challenge to revolutionise our expectations of senior care to design a continuous flow of work for care administrators, providers and recipients of senior care for a seamless experience.

Just like Toyota revolutionised our expectations of production quality and speed, Federal Express revolutionised our expectations of on-time service, similarly by adopting Caryfy system for process automation and digital enablement, actions that once took days or hours to complete are now completed in minutes or seconds.